Ready for the off

We will arrive in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on 24th May. Elemiah will be launched into the water at the beginning of the following week, depending on the availability of the low-loading trailer to take her from the Covey Island workshop at Petite Riviere to the quay at Lunenburg. The low loader has recently had a problem and they are waiting for spare parts which means that we are a bit delayed. When she is in the water, her masts will be mounted and she will be rigged and static system tested during the last week of May. A naming ceremony is to be held on Sunday 1st June and her three-day commissioning trials are expected to begin immediately after – that means that we will be off out to sea to try everything out! If there are only minor adjustments required after the commissioning trials and the weather is set fair we would look to set sail across the Atlantic at the end of the first week in June. Will it all go as smoothly as planned? Well, we have had a few delays already, so please see our blog for how we are getting on.

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Greetings from ‘Tintagel’
Hello Ian and Rosemary,
We hope that all is going well and that you sail out to sea this weekend. We will be following your journey with great enthusiasm. How was the naming ceremony? All is well here on the marina, lots of rain with a glimpse of sun here and there. Reg arrived back into the marina yesterday from Holland with his new boat’Carpe Diem’. It was a boat that Paul and I looked at last June in Zandaam. I have my best friend arriving soon from Australia. Merle is 79 years old and just wants to relax and spend time with me. I hope that it is alright if we can sunbake and sip gin and tonics on the roof of your boat?
Sending you our best wishes for a safe and exciting adventure.


Viv and Paul

Dear Ian and Rosemary,

We have just come in off the roof of your boat after a great lunch with old friends from Australia and Austria. Merle’s son, Kevin owns a ski school in Austria and it has been 11 years since we have all been together. After a few wines, Paul has crashed on the sofa, Merle is asleep in the sun chairs and I am carrying on cleaning up. So I decided to check your blog. Oh My God! You really are under way. How fantastic to be able to view your location. I hope the weather is being very kind to you and that you are having some jolly times now that all the hard work on the boat is done.
We will now watch your progress with great enthusiasm. Freya has been cleaned within an inch of its life but Siga did not have time to iron the sheets, so I sent her over on Monday to finish off. No power! I thought that the meter looked alright, but I was looking at the wrong one, silly me! Paul has put a card in and I will get Siga to check fridge and freezer on Monday. All is well here and Jamie and Helen had a beautiful bonnie boy on Helens birthday, 24thJune weighing in at 8pound 1 once. She has a very difficult 40 hour labour but Ruebin is just gorgeous and has the most amazing hands. Keep well, Viv & Paul

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