The Name: Elemiah

Elemiah’s GennakerThe name Elemiah is the name of an angel. We chose the name of an angel because we live in a place called Engelberg in Switzerland. Literally translated, ‘Engelberg’ means ‘Angel Mountain’. According to angel lore, Elemiah is a member of the Order of Seraphim, one of the eight seraphim of the Tree of Life. Elemiah is an Angel of Travel and as an Angel of Water he particularly protects those who travel by water. He rules over voyages and maritime expeditions, his duty being to protect and indicate the right direction. He is also the angel of inward journeys, supporting the efforts of individuals to explore new horizons and embark upon new ventures.  He is supposed to relieve worries, so with that in mind, we are not worrying about what the weather might be like. Here is a picture of our gennaker (a big foresail for use in light airs) which shows a picture of Elemiah, our angel.

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Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Safe journey . If you see any interesting marine life please take a picture as that will thrill Gus!

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