The route

Once Elemiah is commissioned we shall be looking for a favourable weather window for the start of the journey, hopefully towards the end of the first week of June.  The current plan is to sail south-east from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, (Lat: 44° 38′ North Long: 63° 51′ West), cross the north wall of the Gulf Stream to a position below the 40th parallel and then set a course for the Azores.

A brief stopover in Horta, in the Azores, is planned to enter the European Union and pay our taxes before setting a course for the Straits of Gibraltar.    We hope to end up in a port somewhere along the south east coast of Spain – there are lots to choose from, Malaga, Valencia, Almeira, Alicante, Barcelona are just of few of the well known ones. It just depends how far we manage to get.  

Over the summer, we will then sail her on to Zadar in Croatia, where she is going to be based. 

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